Reddit Post Bounty Submission Form

This Form is for the purpose of Submitting Reddit posts that Review, Promote, and Advocate KredX for a KRX Reward Bounty.

We are looking to Reward Reddit Users to make text posts Reviewing, Promoting, and Advocating KredX on various subreddits of the user's choosing related to Cryptocurrency.

Posts must be a minimum of 300 characters in length (excluding official links)

Posts must be at least 1 day old at the time of submission (24 hours)

Users must be subscribed to the Official KredX Subreddit at the time of Submission

Users are limited to one submission a week (7 days)

Repeat Submissions of the same set of posts will not be accepted

Users must have a minimum of 200 combined comment/post karma at the time of Submission

Users must first post their post on the Official KredX Subreddit before posting on at least 3 other Cryptocurrency related Subreddits.

Tier 1- Base reward: 1000 KRX

Tier 2- Upvotes upwards from 100 Bonus: 100 KRX

Tier 3- Upvotes upwards from 1000 Bonus: 1000 KRX

Tier 4- Upvotes upwards from 10,000 Bonus: 10000 KRX

Terms & Conditions

Low quality and minimal effort posts WILL NOT be considered for reward.

Any form of plagiarism in submissions WILL NOT be accepted, quotation/use of any official KredX related
text as well as Logo and graphics WILL BE permitted.

All Posts be it Blog related or social media must contain all Official KredX links to be considered for Reward (With the exception of Tweets)

All feilds marked as required in Bounty Submission Forms must be filled for the submission to be
considered for Reward.

All Posts must meet the time requirement specific to the platform at the time of Submission.

KredX reserves all rights to adjust rules, rewards, and policies are subject to change at any time.

KredX reserves all rights to deny reward to submissions we feel have not met our stipulated requirements.

All Bounties will be paid out at least 24 Hours from time of Approval.

I Agree to these Terms Conditions, have thoroughly read the rules and understand the reward structure for this bounty.

I have Subscribed to the Official KredX Subreddit

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